Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Sevile

Seville is the capital city of Andalucia known for the wealth of history and culture. The city is known for contemporary architecture and museums, which makes the trip exciting. The old-fashioned street lamps and the horse-drawn carriages make the city amazing. There are various tourist attractions which makes Seville an exciting place to visit. The following are the top five tourist attractions in Seville:

Cathedral de Sevilla

Seville Cathedral was constructed from 1402 to 1506, and it is the largest Gothic cathedral in Christendom. UNESCO has listed the facility as the world Heritage site. The temple was constructed in the location which had the principal Mosque. The Giralda Tower was built in the 12th century and was the prominent structure in the Mosque which was built by the Almohad Moorish rulers. The cathedral is considered to have the most grandiose Gothic in Spain with the interior which is 117 meters and 76 meters across and a height of 40 meters.

The most attractive feature of the cathedral is the Capillar Mayor, which is the main chapel. It has the “retablo” which is considered a masterpiece of the Gothic woodcarving. the silver image of the “virgin de la sede” is surrounded by 45 scenes of the life of Christ and life of the virgin, and it is at the center. Patio de Los Naranjos was the forecourt of the Mosque and is a notable feature.
Real Alcazar
It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the early years it was the fortress for Moorish rulers then was later owned by Christian Kings and now it is the Real Alcazar. The original building was built in the 10th century. Upon arrival, visitors use the “Puerta Principal ” as an entry point to the “Patio de las Doncellas.” The inscriptions of Arabic scripts in the ceiling gives it a decorative appearance. The facility also has a garden which is beautiful and filled with leafy palms, roses, and orange trees. 

Parquet de Maria Luisa and Plaza de Espana
The scale and grandeur of the Plaza de Espania in Seville make it the most attractive landmark. The Plaza is 50000 square meters, which is surrounded by balustrade balconies of Renaissance which is styled in Moorish style. The canal running through the square gives the Plaza its curve style. The presence of the monumental fountain in the Plaza makes it attractive.

Tourist is offered an option on how they wish to travel around or across the Plaza. They can use a rowboat to go through the “Venice of Seville” or use horse carriage to ride through the park. The historic buildings and tiled benches in the park make it exciting and is accompanied by decorative flowers. 

Barrio Santa Cruz
It is the most charming neighborhood in Seville; the old-fashion design of the buildings outlines the charm. In early years it was known as Juderia “Jewish quarter” when the Moorish ruled. The positioning of Barrio Santa Cruz between the Cathedral and the Alcazar makes it a midpoint for tourists.

The neighborhood is known for the cobblestone pedestrian lanes and the whitewashed houses which make it attractive. There are also outdoor cafes in the area. Museums in Bario Santa Cruz make the place a tourist attraction site. “Centro de Interpretacion Juderia de Sevilla” is the museum which shows the history of the city of “Sephardim.” Hospital de Los Venerables Sacerdotes was a hospital for the priest in the 17th century. 

Museo de Bellas Artes
It is the museum of fine arts which was established in the 17th century. The museum is known for housing paintings in Spain which comes seconds after Prado in Madrid. The museum has collections from the Gothic period to the 20th century. The museum offers the tourist an opportunity to view beautiful art paintings by famous artists such as Alonso Cano. 

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