Mulching often seems like a simple task. Most people think that all they need to do is get the shovel or open the bag, spread it around and that is it. If you fail to take the time to mulch properly, you can easily get frustrated due to numerous weeds and lifeless plants. The mulch can also lose its luster and needs replacement more than once annually.

mulch-1Preparing your landscape before mulching not only makes it beautiful but it also aids with weeds, improves the soil moisture, aeration and temperature. It also protects the bases of your trees and can even prevent some diseases that can affect your plants. Here are some steps you can follow when preparing to mulch your beds.

  • Cut the Landscape Bed

When you cut the landscape bed, the mulch does not spread quickly to the grass. As a result, it looks beautiful, not messy and does not make the soil spread or become loose from the bed. You can use a shovel with flat edges for this task and just cut down roughly six inches around the edge of your area.

  • Weed

Although it may not be your favorite task, it is essential to weed the whole area you want to mulch. Mulching prevents weeds from developing as it blocks sunlight. However, mature weeds can still ram through the mulch with no exposure to the sunlight. Ensure you clear the area of weeds and do so by pulling them out by the roots.


  • Cover or Spray

To ensure that there will be no weeds in the future put the landscape fabric on the area you want to mulch. The fabric is simple to use, and it takes a short period to lay out and cut. An alternative technique can be to spray the area with weed control but ensure you read the directions well so that you do not contaminate the plants and flowers you already have.

  • Determine the Amount of Mulch

You can do calculations using the mulch calculators to know how thick the mulch ought to be and, in turn, know the amount to buy.


  • Know Your Mulch

It is essential to know the basics of mulches before you start using them. Figure out which mulch suits your landscaping needs best. Learn more about the types of mulches at Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute online.

  • Spread Your Mulch

Whether you bought the mulch in bags or made it yourself, you now need to spread the bags in the area where you want to mulch. You can use a rake or hands to spread the mulch evenly and enjoy your landscaping.

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